How to improve the news

karatekidkaratekid Ogdensburg, NY
edited September 2003 in Community
Well guys and gals, I am open to suggestions. We haven't gotten much feedback on the front page news, so tell me, what do you think of it? What can be improved? What is good the way it is? What do you want more of? Lay it down and help make Icrontic a better site.


  • citrixmetacitrixmeta Montreal, Quebec Icrontian
    edited September 2003
    lets enable comments?
  • trippintrippin Chatt, TN
    edited September 2003
    Comments are disabled because they have not yet been programmed. :D as far as i know, ask aranyic
  • ClutchClutch North Carolina New
    edited September 2003
    Other than the comments being enabled, there really isn't much that you can do to improve the news really. The main thing is to get the news up to the viewers. The real meat for the site I think will be in the articles and how-to's. As far as what type of news, anything really, as long as it is tech, and not boring.
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