Mage Knight

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Any MK players in the hiz-ouse? Itsa collectible miniatures game, Heroclix and Mechwarrior: Dark Age being derived from the system.


  • MithrandirdragonMithrandirdragon S. Korea
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    Sounds similar to it? My friend is obsessed with Warhammer, and I share a slight interest in those kinda games though I prefer board games and computer games....
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    Yea, it's a lot like Warhammer, but cheaper and pre-painted, with all the stats on the figure. 7 bucks nets you 4 or 5 figures, depending what set you get. Check out the official site at
  • stoopidstoopid Albany, NY New
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    Wow, besides playing cards, I forget there's non-PC based games :p
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