Vista RC2

AranyicAranyic Casstown, OH
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Well my laptop harddrive crashed (and I lost a lot of thing on it :( ). But I took new hard drive when it came and installed vista beta on it again. I used RC1 a bit but had a lot of issues and had not tired rc2 yet.

I installed RC2 and everything has setup its self flawlessly so far. If anyone is interested i can update as I keep installing programs and game.

And FYI for people who find this this thread a new frontpage is in the works and i'm shooting for the middle of december for a fully functional icrontic again.


  • ZuntarZuntar North Carolina
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  • kryystkryyst Ontario, Canada
    edited November 2006
    That are going to be shipping Vista to the business world by the end of November, not sure how many fixes they've made to it over RC2 though.
  • CycloniteCyclonite Tampa, Florida
    edited November 2006
    RC2 runs really well. I've not installed a lot on it, but things I have have had no problems.
  • jaredjared College Station, TX
    edited November 2006
    im still running rc1... i thought they pulled rc2?
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