Just got back into gaming....

ClutchClutch North Carolina New
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That's right, I used to love playing games, especially my xbox. Well I got in the mood where I didn't have any money to buy games, so I stopped playing my xbox, let my cousin borrow it and got it back about 4 months ago.

So now that I'm out of school I got more free time, when I'm not reading up on computer stuff or browsing the forms. So I hear my xbox calling my name, and I go to best buy and they have the platinum hits on sale 2 for $30 w00t, pretty good deal. So I picked up Tony Hawk 3 and Silent Hill 2, sure there old games, but new to me. I love tony hawk 3, I got to pick up 4 when it goes on sale ( I'm sorry I'm a cheap, poor bastard )

What games for xbox are just awesome to you? After a while I'm thinking of picking me up another game. They had dead 2 rights also on sale for the 2 for $30 deal, thinking about that.

Any suggestions?


  • panzerkwpanzerkw New York City
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    I've heard good stuff about Splinter Cell. Here's some other great Xbox games:

    Splinter Cell
    Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 4
    Dead 2 Rights
    Sega GT 2002
    Ghost Recon
    NHL 2k2 (or 3)

    One to watch for, Star Wars, Knights of the Old Republic. Comes out on 17 July.
  • SlickSlick Upstate New York
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    Morrowind is a platium one so you can get it for $20. If you really get into RPGs this one will keep you away from the sunlight for days on end. I have literally played this game for 8 hours then looked at the clock and wondered if it was the right time.
  • panzerkwpanzerkw New York City
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    D'oh, forgot about Morrowind. Only played the PC version which is an excellent game. Xbox likewise, though you won't be able to apply the 2 expansions that have been released for the PC version. But Morrowind by itself will grip you for many days worth of playing time.
  • ClutchClutch North Carolina New
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    I saw morrowind, but my friend told me not to buy it because I could borrow his when I wanted to play it. I saw spiderman also, might check it out.

    The games I have are

    Project Gotham
    Splinter Cell
    Tony Hawk 3
    Silent Hill 2
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    check out ebay they usually have great deals on new games and awesome deals on games that cost 20 on the market. You can save a lot of money buying on ebay.
  • NixxerNixxer Nottingham, UK
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    If you're into fighters, get Dead Or Alive 3, best game of the genre I have ever played. Was playing it for ages when I first got it. Sega GT 2002 is a decent racer aswell.
  • TheBaronTheBaron Austin, TX
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    soul calibur 2 rox0rs doa3... comes out really soon too :_D
  • MarkTAWMarkTAW Brooklyn, NY
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    > That's right, I used to love playing games, especially my xbox. <

    God I feel old. I used to love playing games too... on my Atari. I remember when Zork was amazing.
  • fuxorfuxor i live in a giant bucket
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    my friend has the GC import of Soul Calibur 2.... frickin rox!!!
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