The Incredible Machine

KhaosKhaos New Hampshire
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How many people here remember playing these incredibly awesome DOS games? I recently downloaded TIM and TIM2; what a blast from the past! TIM was one of the first games that I played really heavily, I mean on a daily basis. I guess I'm kind of dating myself here as a PC gamer (LOL), but playing this again brought back such memories. I dunno if it would be illegal to post the files here or not. Heck, the first game is only 453KB RARed.

ShareReactor has all four TIM games/level packs available for download if anybody is interested. I've never played the newer ones, but the old games are great.


  • CaffeineMeCaffeineMe Cedar Rapids, IA
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    Those were fun! I believe they are now abandonware, making them not really legal to share, but at the same time, no one will likely come after you for it.
  • KhaosKhaos New Hampshire
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    Return of the Incredible Machine: Contraptions seems to be the same game but with updated graphics, and it is designed to run in a 32-bit environment... Good stuff.
  • JLunarJLunar the t dot.
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    LOVED TIM... try this one for a go:

  • fuxorfuxor i live in a giant bucket
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    think quick, red baron and indy 500.... those were the days
  • profdlpprofdlp The Holy City Of Westlake, Ohio
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    My daughter and I played TIM, in several of its incarnations, when I got my first computer (a blazing fast Pentium 75 with 8MB of Ram, 850MB HD, and a Cirrus Logic video card with a 1/2MB of memory!).

    She was 9 years old then. She just graduated High School this month and is now replaying the Kings Quest series.

    Her current computer has almost as much memory (768MB) as our first hard drive had space.

    Good memories.:)

  • KhaosKhaos New Hampshire
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    TIM came with the first computer my parents had bought in five years. Before those glorious days of the 66Mhz Pentium we had a few 286 (I think? Maybe one 386 later on) CompuAdds back in the 80's. They weren't good for much except typing and playing Battle Chess. I mean, I played Wolfenstein and Doom at friend's houses, and then there was that Chips game and the obligatory 'worm' and 'pac-man' clones, and of course there was the cat who taught me to type in grade school, and Oregon Trail... But really, TIM was the first computer game I played at any length. Before that I had never had a computer in the house capable of playing games. Games to me existed on the consoles; Atari, NES, etc.

    I've been playing the crap out of Return of the Incredible Machine, but the fact that the puzzles are almost all clones of original TIM2 puzzles is kinda sucky. There's a "puzzle pack" for RTIM that I've yet to install. Not having to mess with DOS emulation makes RTIM fine by me, though.

    I don't like Whizzball much, it's too linear. More like putting pieces of a puzzle together than coming up with any kind of creative solution that could actually be unique.
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