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SlickSlick Upstate New York
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I will start off by saying that I run mandrake 9.1. One day I decided I would secure my machine sence I had everything running from root with no firewall. First thing I did was make a new user called 'slick', his main directory is /home/slick. Then I moved all the folders of the programs I use from the root folder to /etc folder. I changed the folder permissions to slick. Be aware I am doing this all with teh GUI. After that I turned the firewall that it came with on, and opened up the ports that the programs use. Now for the problems

When I try to log into slick via the console it says

-bash: /etc/profile: Permission denied

Then I just type log out and it goes back to where it was before. I usually just log on root and log off and it then lets slick log on for some reason. Whats up here.

Now for the programs. Ventrilo server, BNC server, and tuxtime work without any problems but Folding@home isnt so nice. When I do manage to get slick logged on (It works sometimes, i dont know how i do it) it will not grab a work packet. I know it has before but it refuses to get a new one. I though this may be a firewall problem but I have the correct ports open, could anyone tell me what the right port is just to make sure.

Thanks in advance.


  • beatzbeatz i am a hamburger Member
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    Folding@home seems to be using port 8080 and if thats not working it tries port 80. At least thats what the people in this thread with a similar problem say:
  • FoldingAddictFoldingAddict Montgomery, AL
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    That's odd...if IE works then F@H should also work, because it defaults to port 80...but do make sure that 8080 and 80 are open for business.

  • mmonninmmonnin Centreville, VA
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    You can make FAH use IE settings so it will go thru w/e port IE is using.
  • SlickSlick Upstate New York
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    Ok I opened port 80, port 8080 already was open. It grabbed a work unit, but this is what happend before, it finished a work unit then refused to grab a new one. I will get back here with what happens, and that could be a while as its only a 500MHz machine.
  • RobRob Detroit, MI
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    When I try to log into slick via the console it says

    -bash: /etc/profile: Permission denied

    2 things come to mind...

    First, try as root

    chown -R slick:slick /home/slick (or whatever your home is)

    If not, remove and readd the user. Could not have the correct bash files in the home. Either it cant read your home profile, or it doesn't exist.


    You may still have to re-own the files, because the uid and gid will differ. ls -al shows who owns what.
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