EM Protein Calculator v1.2.1

edited June 2003 in Folding@Home
Updated Genome Formula
Added Genome and Folding selection

I have updated the EM Protein Calculator because not only has the formula changed, but there are two formulas. The formula used is based on the type of team you are on. If you are a member of a Genome team, your team number will be greater than 100,000. If you are a member of a Folding team, your team number will be less than 100,000. If you are a Folding team member and you get a Genome work unit, the point value you get is based on the Tinker proteins. In other words, if you take the average time it takes to complete a tinker work unit and calculate the average number of points a Tinker work unit gets, this would be approximately what you would get per day doing Genome work units. This isn't perfect, but it's pretty close to what happens.

I added a check box to the calculator window under the Genome selection. The default is the Genome team calculation and adding the check to the box makes the calculator use the Folding team calculation. If you select Genome and figure your points for a Genome team, you can check and uncheck the team type box and the calculation will switch between the two types.

When version 2.4.1 of EM is released, it will read the team type for the protein you select and automatically set this new feature. Currently EM can't do that, but it's a small thing to just put a check in the box if you're on a Folding team and then press the Calculate button.

Enjoy! :D


Get it in the download area here:

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