DFI Infinity NF570-M2/G Review

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Mike reviews an AM2 motherboard, the DFI Infinity NF570-M2/G:
DFI’s Infinity series of boards are often less elaborately ‘dressed’ than their LanParty counterparts but enthusiasts have noticed time and time again that the boards “have it where it count”. Features like UV-reactive plastic components, rounded IDE cables, multiple SATA controllers, dual NICs and Karajan based audio modules are just some of the features that will not be found with the Infinity series of boards. What you can expect to find, however, is just about everything else that lies beneath those ‘nifty’ extras—a quality board designed by a company with a rich overclocking heritage.


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    What a spectacular review. Great work, Mike :D
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    Great review and a great product. Cheers.
  • I know this is a very old review..and thank you for it by the way. Can you please tell me if the magnetic fan is replaceable? I am new to all of this but my fan is not spinning anymore but the shaft is..I can make it spin for a few seconds but then it stops. Not even sure what is under it and if that's why I am losing my second display right now. Thank you.
  • Peel the sticker off the top, take of the ball bearing seal, put in a drop of 3-1 oil, reseal, resticker.

    If it doesn't start working properly, you should disconnect it and see if you can get by without it OR replace it with a new one.
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