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ThelemechThelemech Victoria Icrontian
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I am wondering if anyone knows of foods, herbs and or supplements that strengthen and regulate digestion; specifically the colon. I'm suffering from acute IBS and as a result I am on 8 medications three of which are very strong painkillers(fentanyl/T3/voltaren=finally a non-narc pain med that is helping).

I will probably have to take the anti-spasmodic and 2 of the other 8 for the rest of my life ; but I would really like to remove (most urgently the narcs) the pain meds entirely; as they leave me practically disabled(and I just got offered a job next week installing internet and fixing/maintaining for a owner of a large rental unit = need to be awake!)

thanks! :cheers:


  • NomadNomad A Small Piece of Hell Icrontian
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    Correct me if I'm wrong, but aren't a lot of the solutions for IBS dietary related?

    In any case, metamucil will give you more fiber. Try losing milk, maybe you're a bit lactose intolerant too.
  • ThelemechThelemech Victoria Icrontian
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    I have tried every "type" of diet (eliminating meat then carbs then etc...) and the types of food (excluding greasy or hot foods) does not seem to make much difference. I cannot handle the bloat I get with metamucil , but I will eliminate the very little milk I still drink! Never been tested for lactose intolerance only for wheat-gluten.
  • RWBRWB Icrontian
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    High fiber diet.
    Loose the Alcohol and caffeine.
    Take Spirulina and Chlorella(I swear I am becoming a shill for these two items)
    Lactase pills help too...
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