Homemade Nutrition Label?

RWBRWB Icrontian
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Didn't know how to name this thread, but basically I am trying to find out how much nutrition is in some of the items I am now juicing. I found a couple different results from a couple different places. I understand there is going to be a different nutrition value associated with different quality items too.

Is there some way for me to figure it out??


Both show items in the label that the other is missing, also Vitamin A is 500+% on one and 900+% on the other?


  • LawnMMLawnMM Colorado
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    Look at everything on the label. The carrot juice on nutrientfacts.com is loaded with carbohydrates. 20g per serving. The protein on the second one is also significantly higher. Whatever else they're putting in the nutrientfacts carrot juice is responsible for the difference in vitamin percentages you see.

    I'd go with the second if I were you. The first is comparable to water. There isn't much in it at all and the numbers on the second all around aren't bad in any category. Its a little carb laden but thats pretty normal for juices.
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