Team Fortress 2 and Logitech G15

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Now that all the cool kids are playing TF2, I'm wondering what I can do with the programmable keys on my G15. Can I bind scripts to them? If so, which? I also have no clue about scripts. Anybody have some links, tips or guides?


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    most are old but should give the general idea although most experianed admin wil spot it a mile off and probaly just ban you as they see it as a form of cheating .
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    I could think of a few useful ones as an engineer, particularly. Something that auto builds whatever and then hits it a preset amount of times with your wrench.
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    I'm not so sure about binding to your G15 keys, but here are two great places to learn about scripting on TF2.

    TF2 Wiki - Community SCripts <<< this is for the actual scripts that are useable.

    TF2 Wiki - Scripting in General

    Hope that helps a little.
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    what a powerful tool
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