Driver Issue

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I cant get my Realtek HD card driver to install, so I dont have sounds other then system sounds. My OS is Windows XP Pro Media Center Edition.
Im contacting my computer manufacturer but they arent good at getting back to me.


  • Your-Amish-DaddyYour-Amish-Daddy The heart of Texas
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    Go to and download their HD audio suite and it should handle it. If it's coming up with "No device found" Make sure it's enabled in the Bios.
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    I tried to get drivers from their website and when they are almost done installing it says (Install Realtek HD Audio driver failure) no matter what version I try to install.
  • NebulousNebulous New York, The Empire State
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    You try switching pci slots for the card? Also what chip & # is on the card?
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    its in a laptop and I fixed the problem. I believe somehow id gotten 2 of the drivers for the card on at once and they were conflicting (I think not sure tho) So I uninstalled those 2 and reinstalled the Driver that came on the disc then installed the brand new driver from the MSI website and it works like a champ now :D :D :D
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