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If you know all about .ico files and how to customize your shortcuts, you can stop reading here. No. Really. STOP!

If you are like me, (Anal retentive) then you hate having shortcuts with no icons embedded in them. I recently reinstalled the Folding@Home SMP client and made myself a nifty desktop shortcut for it..

................It looked like this: no_icon.jpg
And wanted it to look like this:with_icon.jpg

I could change the image by right-clicking the shortcut and fiddling with the file poperties..

None of the default system icons appealed to me, and I wanted to use a Folding cog but I didn't have one handy. So I installed a clever application called Buddy Icon Grabber which would extract .ico files from any application. I extracted the Icon file from an old FAH Graphical Client installer (I don't delete anything and so, have files dating back to 1989), saved it to a folder and within seconds, I had my aesthetically pleasing Folding@Home shortcut!

You can download the readily available .ico file here:


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    Nice tip.. I do the same thing. I didn't know about Icon Grabber though!!! :thumbsup:
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