Best State of Batteries for Storage?

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What is the best state to leave laptop batteries in if they aren't in my computer?

Full Power?,
or Empty?



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    Charged... NEVER leave them empty to long. I think the manufacturers recommend that the battery be fully charged if you plan on storing the battery for weeks or months and recharge them every month. Those were the things I remember about batteries...
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    Ideally - you should fully charge your laptop battery before removing it & being realistic I'd echo the earlier point of re-charging it monthly although I could easily see how that schedule might slip.

    It's a fact that any battery of whatever type will last considerably longer if it is used from time to time. So, if you can once in a while put the battery back and use the laptop with it until it gets exhausted and then put the mains back in until its fully charged again.
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    All the research I've read shows that Li-Ion batteries should be kept around a half-charge if they are not in use and as close to 0 degrees Celsius as possible. Storing Li-Ion batteries with a full charge is one of the worst possible things you can do, and this becomes drastically more important the longer it is that the batteries are not in use.

    More here:

    If we aren't talking about long term storage and just what to do with a spare battery that is used frequently I would just make sure to keep it out of extremely warm places and not bother with keeping the battery at a certain capacity. There are a few more tips in the wikipedia article I linked to, just above the table.
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