DVD Program to run DVD's w/out OS running.

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I was wondering if anyone knew of a program that would run my DVD's without having to start my OS up. This can be done. They have it on the new dell laptops.

Thanks, Sniper


  • ThraxThrax 🐌 Austin, TX Icrontian
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    It can't be done by an average user. Dell achieves this with custom hardware and very complicated/annoying hard drive partitioning.
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    I think that it would be cool if more computers were like that, so more people could use it that way, its allot simpler of a way to watch a dvd if you dont need your OS up and running. Oh, well
  • SnarkasmSnarkasm Madison, WI Icrontian
    edited February 2008
    My HP does that too. Too bad I wiped the whole thing so it can't do it anymore, haha.
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