CBDroege Reels in Quarter Mil. - THANKS

QCHQCH Ancient GuruChicago Area - USA
edited February 2008 in Milestones
When Hollywood asks for someone from Icrontic to do a voice-over, who we gonna send? CBDroege of course. As a matter of fact, he's already sort of famous.... FOR FOLDING. Way to go, my friend. 250,000 cancer kill'n points. :rockon:

Thank You CB

[award]50k[/award] [award]50k[/award] [award]50k[/award]

[award]50k[/award] [award]50k[/award]

:headbange :clap::headbange :clap: :headbange :clap: :headbange :clap: :headbange
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