beer + chili = pwn?

Gate28Gate28 Orlando, Florida Icrontian
edited April 2008 in Food & Drink
any of you guys put your lagers in your chili?

if so, which do you prefer for chili? I hear Beck's is nice in chili.


  • FelixDeSouzeFelixDeSouze UK New
    edited April 2008
    To be honest, I've never tried it.. I'm not one for spicy foods, they blow my head off! lol
  • maxclarkmaxclark In a hole in the ground
    edited April 2008
    Beer + Chili + gaming = PWN?
  • edited April 2008
    I haven't tried in chili (yet), but I do like putting beer in my spaghetti sauce, whatever I have around. Nothing fancy, usually just labatt blue. The best part is experimenting :)
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