Excel bug?

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Does anyone know how to make the following scenario work?

When I have two cells merged with word wrap turned on and auto-fit to content it always shrinks the height to a single line instead of the multiple lines that are there. This doesnt happen when it is not a merged cell. I would prefer to not have to hand size each cell to the correct height.

If no one has a 'fix', does anyone know where to report software bugs to microsoft?

Context: I am a QA person and write all of my test cases in Excel so I am working in Workbooks that have 20+ sheets each sheet with 200+ lines of text wrapped information. So hopefully you can see how hand sizing lines that have merged cells gets old fast.


  • kryystkryyst Ontario, Canada
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    What version of excel are you using? I've checked on Office 2003, 2007 and OpenOffice and it doesn't do what your saying.

    Only thing I can suggest is make sure that both your horizontal and vertical alignments are set to centre, if you have any justification on it'll screw up the way it wraps.
  • BetsyDBetsyD Cincinnati, OH Icrontian
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    Try the following:
    1. Column B width 131 pixels, Column C 200 pixels.
    2. Type "Create a user1. Create this user with access to the entire context hierarchy." in B35. Merge Cells B35&C35, click the left justified option.
    3. Turn on Wrap Text under the format cell right click menu option, alignment tab.
    4. Highlight Row 35.
    5. Format>Row>Autofit

    I tried setting both horizontal and verticle to center and it still collapsed the height to a single line of text.

    ETA: The format I am using is Arial 10pt.
  • kryystkryyst Ontario, Canada
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    Ok maybe I'm not understanding things.

    On my end if I do what you said and use word wrap it'll fill the cells and wrap the text. If I turn on shrink to fit, it'll keep it all on 1 line, but it's still all visible in the merged cells.

    That's how things are supposed to work. Wrap text supersedes shrink to fit.
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