Why won't my ankle work??

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5 years ago I broke my ankle quite badly. I had to have two pins on the inside of it, and a plate with 6 screws on the outside. The metal work was removed and the ankle was fine - a few aches now and again, and it would swell a bit if I was standing on it for an extended period of time, but generally it was alright.

However last year I jumped over a puddle and landed funny on it, and since then it has been a real problem. I have a consistant limp, which is particularly bad if I have been sitting down, and the ankle has become stiff. Even when I 'walk it off', I still have a slight limp. It will swell throughout the day, and I regularly have to do RICE in the evenings and at the weekend.

I have been to my GP and he has said that it is because I am overweight. While I can't argue that I need to lose weight, I have lost over a stone in the last 3 months and I still have the exact same problems with it. I had to bully my GP into sending me for physio, which has helped a little. But now, rather worryingly, I have started to develop a pain further up my leg, particularly in the back of my thigh. I am unsure what I should do about this?

I have become a bit of a gym bunny over the last couple of months (trying to shift the weight) I have been doing Spinning (static bike) classes, as it is low impact on my ankle and yoga.

Can anyone suggest why I am getting this pain further up my leg, and indeed why my ankle won't get better? Do I need to see a specialist or is it a question of shift the weight and the problem will also go?

Am starting to get desperate now, I miss wearing high heels!

Thanks in advance for any and all comments


  • JokkeJokke Bergen, Norway Icrontian
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    Have you gotten X-ray after the injury with the puddle? I'm no expert, but the first thing that comes to mind is an improper healing of the bone in you ancle, and when you jumped the buddle, the bone might have loosened up or slipped a little. Something similar happended to a friend of mine, although not with the same symptoms.. I suggest getting X-ray, just to see if everything is fine. I must also say you shouldn't strain you ancle too much if it gives you pain.

    And welcome to Icrontic.
  • ThraxThrax 🐌 Austin, TX Icrontian
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    Find another GP and get a second opinion.
  • MrBillMrBill Missouri Member
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    It sounds like your GP isn't helping so I would definitely see a doctor that will do an x-ray. If it was simply a weight issue, I would expect the weight to affect both ankles, not just the one you injured.
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    Thanks for the comments.
    I have had it X-rayed since the 'puddle incident' Apparently it is fine! I suggested to my GP that I needed an MRI scan because I thought that it could be a ligament or cartilege problem. However I think that it is because of the cost, that my GP won't agree to that. Do people think I should really push for that?

    And thanks for the welcome!
  • edcentricedcentric near Milwaukee, Wisconsin Icrontian
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    I would suspect that the leg pain is because you are now walking 'funny' (no Python jokes) because of the limited range of motion in you ankle.
    Look at your shoes for uneven wear. Do you use orthotic inserts?
    You may need to try some things to shift the load around.
  • GnomeWizarddGnomeWizardd Member 4 Life Akron, PA Icrontian
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    Honestly a GP that wont search for hte problem isnt worth your time, an MRI is 100% necessary if its still bothering you. My Ortho pedic surgon took several MRI's of my knees to double check things If you have insurance Cost sould be irrelevent also some good inserts in your shoes might help correct any walking issues
  • NomadNomad A Small Piece of Hell Icrontian
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    Find a new doctor, pain that is spreading is never good.

    It's not abnormal to experience a loss of movement after a serious injury. A friend of mine from school last year shattered his thigh bone and has several steel pieces and screws to compensate. He still experiences slight pain in the winter and a relatively limited range of motion compared to what he used to have.

    However, you should probably not be limping around to begin with. There is a possibility the surgery never healed correctly. Certainly, being overweight can put undue stress on the joints, but this seems a bit absurd and quite drawn out.

    Get an MRI.
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    Thanks for everyone's comments. I have now booked an appointment with a different GP for Monday. Will let you know the outcome.

    Just on a side,
    The problem in the UK is that since we have 'free' health care, any things like MRI scans come out of the GP's profit margins, and so there is not much of an incentive for them to order expensive investigations. It is also quite difficult to change to a different GP practice, as they have catchment areas, and equally how do you know who is a good doctor before you move? I love the idea of free healthcare for all, but with Doctors having such a say in the running of it, the NHS will collapse in the next 20 years.
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