Hard Drive Errors

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Ok My hard drive in my laptop has atleast one error that system mechanic 8.0 cant fix. It crashes everytime it tries to fix it. Any suggestions on how to fix them?


  • primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' Boopin Detroit, MI Icrontian
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    It's time to back up and buy a new drive. If you have irrecoverable HD errors, I wouldn't trust the drive. Laptop HDs are cheap.
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    Thats just great, I think my CD/DVD drive is going out also because I play music off a cd in it and it skips and makes funny noises on a brand new clean disc, which it doesnt do played through anything else. and if I play the same song downloaded from the internet to my computer then it sounds the way its supposed to.

    I already tried a CD drive cleaner it didn't work.
  • TexTex Dallas/Ft. Worth
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    even cheaper repair ! LOL If new cd/dvd's don't play in your cd/dvd then uhhhhh.. yep get a new one.

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    Im glad my laptop still works, amazingly, but I'm sending it in for repairs as soon as patriot gets me my desktop memory back to me. Too bad nobody on here works for patriot. We should get somebody from the tech support department from there on here.
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