Low Power Mode Graphics Card Problem

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I just built my friends computer with a 9800GTX in it which takes either 4 3pin connectors to power it or two 6 pin pcie connectors and I cant get it to come out of low power mode. My power supply has a switch on it that say 115v or 230v I have it set on 115v and if i change it to 230v the graphics card won't show anything on the screen when I try to boot up.\

It is a Raidmax 530W PSU
has a 3.0ghz Intel Wolfdale CPU
OCZ DDR2 1066mhz RAM
MSI P35 MotherBoard
Encore WI-N
250GB Western Digital


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    omfg. You are so lucky that you didn't blow the system up by switching it to 230v. Seriously. You could have literally wrecked everything; never touch that switch in North America again.

    The power supply must have the dual 6 pin connectors to boot that card. It either must have this natively, or via adapters.
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    It has it and it is connected but still not enough power to come out of low power mode
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    you learn something new everyday, whether it proves how stupid you are or not

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    I love it when people hint at resolution and don't share with the rest of the class.
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    is the psu to low of wattage
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    the computer guy said the power supply wasnt powerful enough even tho it was a 530 watt and mine is a 500watt and it works in high power mode on my computer. The computer guy also said the 610 they had there wouldnt work either so my friend bought the 700watt one for 150 and it works.
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