Printer ?Driver? Problem

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How do I remove all traces of my printer from my computer? I get a printer not responding problem everytime I try to print something. My printer is plugged in and turned on and drivers are installed. Still same problem so I want to remove the driver and everything from my computer and reinstall the driver and see if it works.


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    Delete the printer from your printers and fax window. Uninstall and printer software that's in Add/Remove software - that should be enough. If you want to clean more out go through the reg looking for references to your printer and get rid of them also. Reboot your system a couple times. Should be pretty clean at that point.

    Next when you install the printer instead of following the software I would suggest plugging in the printer first but not running through any of the default setups that may start. Then go into printers and faxes. Do add printer, and when it asks your for the type select Have Disk, put in the driver CD and manually add the driver that way. It may say that you already have it installed and ask if you want to use it or replace it. Tell it you want to replace it and it'll actually replace it (one of the nice things windows does with drivers).

    That'll give you a basic driver install for that printer. If you have a few options for the driver like say selecting between PCL5, 6 or PS I would suggest using PS. PCL5 or 6 are great protocols but unless you specifically need them PS is more friendly.

    If this is a multi-function machine you will then have to go and install any other software you need to access the other functions of the machine. However if the basic printer is installed first in this manner it shouldn't get corrupted when you do the full software install.
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