March, 2008: 30 milestones!

LincLinc OwnerDetroit Icrontian
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We ask for your patience while we get caught up :D

Shout out to Qel for a million, as well as UrbanDesires and Nickboxer7 for their first milestone :D

Other standouts: formfactor and Jared for 100k! :rockon:
  • JonsHandbrake: 8M
  • primesuspect: 6M
  • Leonardo: 4M
  • Enisada: 3M
  • _-_ThaNexus_-_: 3M
  • FoldingAddict: 2.5M
  • edcentric: 1.5M
  • QelDroma: 1M
  • mertesn: 500K
  • IndigoRed: 500K
  • Hotrodsun: 500K
  • aaron_tragon: 250K
  • formfactor: 100K
  • Jar3d: 100K
  • Michael_A_Pierce: 75K
  • Kentigern: 75K
  • Sosuke_Sagara: 75K
  • nathan_viets: 75K
  • beatz: 75K
  • rapture: 50K
  • Derek_Donahue: 50K
  • IAstudent: 50K
  • Trumandrummer: 50K
  • Harithian: 10K
  • ktsac: 10K
  • Peco_Electrical_Ltd: 10K
  • Gnome_Queen: 5K
  • ledfloyd01: 5K
  • UrbanDesires: 1K
  • Nickboxer7: 1K
Congrats everyone!


  • QCHQCH Ancient Guru Chicago Area - USA Icrontian
    edited November 2008

    Awesome work.... while it may have taken a few months to acknowledge these milestones, we still appreciate every point you contributed to the Team and the F@H project. :D
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