Innis & Gunn Rum Cask Finish Oak Aged Beer

DrLiamDrLiam British Columbia
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A new product to hit the market that has a lot of people talking (including myself). This beer is made by the same people who made the famous oak-aged beer with a smooth taste that's unique from almost every other beer available on the market.

Definitely something to check out if your into new flavors for a special occasion. Here is a little more info from their website about this new anticipated product:
We are delighted to present this unique limited bottling of Innis & Gunn finished in oak barrels which previously contained navy rum.
Maturation in special oak barrels imparts Navy rums with the sweet, spicy character for which they are renowned.
We have long wondered what flavours might be imparted to our beer by finishing it in these same barrels and earlier this year we decided to find out.

We brewed a special batch of Innis & Gunn beer and matured it in oak for 60 days.
Every single drop spent half of that time in American oak barrels before being refilled into selected navy rum barrels to finish the lengthy maturation.
Once the beer had absorbed the unique character the barrels were emptied, the beer blended and then maturation continued for a further 47 days until all of the flavours had married together and mellowed. We think the result is absolutely delicious!

Cheers and happy drinking!


  • primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' Boopin Detroit, MI Icrontian
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    ... sounds intriguing. Available in the US?
  • DrLiamDrLiam British Columbia
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    ... sounds intriguing. Available in the US?

    I hope so! It's brewed in the UK and we get it in Canada. Usually means you get it in the States as well. Just might be a little more difficult to find since you have such a larger selections than Canada. (I believe)
  • SPIKE09SPIKE09 Scatland
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    has a bottle of the original in my hand right now , can't wait to try this new one.:bigggrin:
    @prime phoenix beverages in Long Island NY city are listed as stockists
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