Updating to new core while running as a service

KyleKyle Lafayette, LA New
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I haven't been "actively" folding for a long time now. I just leave my machine on at work so it can fold. But now there's a new core out? What is the easiest way to update mine so that it stays running as a service in Win2k?


  • mondimondi Icrontian
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    assuming your running F@H under FireDaemon ... you say its a service ... the absolute foolproof way is:

    1 - Download new client (3.25 ).

    2 - Stop the service in Firedaemon or whatever..

    3 - either:

    a - delete old client and rename/move new client to where the old one was


    b - reconfigure Firedaemon with the new client.

    The core will be the same (78 for Gromacs or 65 for Tinker if im not mistaken) but the new client will force SSE instructions if you use the -advmethods tag when you run it ... :) simple no?
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    how bout you give me a tour of the work place and I'll fix it right up mwhahahaha!

    yea just disable the service under windows management and reboot then update your core/client and turn the service back to auotmatic and reboot. Do the -advmethods -forceasm too.
  • KyleKyle Lafayette, LA New
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    seversphere said
    Do the -advmethods -forceasm too.

    Can you elaborate? Do I have to run it with those parameters each time or just once?
  • mondimondi Icrontian
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    you will need to use those parameters each time you start it, but if your running it as a service like you say, youll only need to specify them once in the service manager, youll also need to specify the -service flag to make sure it works .... see this page for more details - http://www.overclockers.com.au/folding/service-nt2000xpnew.htm

    notice in the parameter field where it says -service, add the -advmethods and -forceasm there and youll be good
  • BlackHawkBlackHawk Bible music connoisseur There's no place like Icrontian
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    All I do is stop the service, overwrite the core and restar the service. Done it a bunch of times and has worked flawlessly.
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