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Well I consider myself overweight. Not in weight so much but in body fat percentage. There's not a whole lot of muscle on me (aside from my legs, from running) but what I lack in muscle weight I make up in fat.

My weight is currently at 157.8, thank you thanksgiving/christmas new years. And I'm 5'10"-5'11" depending on who is measuring.

Basically my goal is to get in shape, slim and a six pack etc. I know I need to do a mix of weight training, stretching, and cardio to meet my goal of being fit and strong yet still be flexible (I'm not going for meathead). But the problem is I know jack diddly when it comes to working out on a regiment and I need help.

Here are my things:

* I'm ready to dedicate 1.5 hours per day 4-5 days per week.
* I would rather not take supplements/powders/pills/health bars.
* My diet is already pretty minimal back at college, and a dietician plans our meals. So I can handle that part on my own.
* Strength isn't really a priority with me, (I could give a rat's ass) I want to look good gaining some upper body strength is just icing on the cake.

Any advice I can get is greatly appreciated as once I get into the groove of these things I can stick with them.

Before it got cold outside I was running 2 miles a night 3-4 times per week on the streets. hence the skinny legs, chubby stomach/love handles.

My university's gym has everything from an indoor pool, to full weight training, cardio, rowing, cybex, etc. Pretty much the colvin center has everything. Would anyone take the time to help me out and write out a simple workout schedule?

Pics below for refference (don't look at if you don't like seeing overweight young men in tight boxers)


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    I'm just going to throw this out there... check out martial arts. Not UFC fighting - actual martial arts.
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    Swim a mile every other day in the morning.
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    You need to gain about 30 pounds. Eat protein, do free weights.
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    me + 30 pounds scares me
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    Well here's my no shiv explanation:

    You have about 25% bodyfat. You start an exercise program right now you'll simply end up looking proportionately like you do now, just smaller.

    If you want 'teh abz' or whatever, you need to gain weight to put on more muscle mass. There's no definition because you have no muscle. Eat 3000 calories a day at 5-8 meals a day. No processed junk, cut your sugar out, stop drinking beer, don't drink pop, no candy. Make one meal a week a cheat meal where you indulge.

    Eat an asswad of protein. Eat only whole wheat products. Get your fats from natural peanut butter and milk. Get to 185-190#, accept the fact you will no longer fit into any of your clothes. Then drop your carbs completely, cut your calories back to 2500.

    Start lifting weights, stop running unless you're going to do HIIT. Squat, bench and deadlift. Three sets of five, alternating days (MWF, TThS, whatever) Don't do curls, they are a waste of time, don't do sit-ups because they are more than a waste of time.

    Workout A: Squat, Bench, Deadlift
    Workout B: Squat, Military Press, Clean

    Week one: ABA
    Week two: BAB
    Week three: ABA

    Gaining weight will take 3-4 months, shedding excess body fat will take about 2-3 extra. To stay that way, you need to maintain caloric intake.

    Size comes in the kitchen, strength comes from the gym.
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    Keebler wrote:
    I'm just going to throw this out there... check out martial arts. Not UFC fighting - actual martial arts.

    I know this post is old...sorry. Some of the most impressive weight-loss I've ever seen has been by people who got into MMA. Most schools teach either Jiu-Jitsu or BJJ. Some also specialize in Muay Thai. From what I've seen all three arts will tear the piss out of you. I know some guys around KC who have had amazing physical results when combined with a healthier diet.
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