OCing killed my bandwidth!

TemplarTemplar You first.
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So I just got done bringing my Barton to 200x11 after I finally got my RMA'd stick of PC2700C2 from Corsair.

So I load up Sandra to run some tests.

CPU Arithmetic was predictable (in the neighborhood of 3200+, but a bit less).
8178 MIPS

but when I compard memory bandwidth to my identical system, the little calculator inside me divided by zero. I'm nearly 300mb/s under my own system, running at 166FSB. I'm guessing this is because I've only got PC2700, right? But the memory bus is still at 166mhz, so why does it degrade performance to overclock my CPU?


  • qparadoxqparadox Vancouver, BC
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    From the sounds of it you're now running your fsb asynchronously with your memory. This means that while the FSB clock is ticking at a different rate than the memory clock and generally you'll see degraded performance as data will not be transferred as efficiently as should be. In most cases you want to keep everything sychronous so either up the memory speed or lower the FSB. Are your timings still the same?
  • mmonninmmonnin Centreville, VA
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    Yeah with async you will have less bandwidth and lower performance.
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