AMD’s Phenom II X4 810 and X3 720 Processors


  • BuddyJBuddyJ Dept. of Propaganda OKC Icrontian
    edited February 2009
    Cool review Lemonlime. Can't wait to see how the X3 overclocks.
  • Cliff_ForsterCliff_Forster Icrontian
    edited March 2009
    I have been using the X3 720 for about a month now. $145 for an unlocked CPU that performs like it does is just an amazing deal. I am overclocking in an Antec 300 case, with the better stock cooler from an older X2 6000+ I had (copper heat pipes, decent for stock), I am hitting 3.4 stable for day to day operation with a small voltage bump, I could do more I think, but I am a conservative overclocker.

    I have to get my hands on a liquid cooler and give it a go that way.
  • lemonlimelemonlime Canada Member
    edited March 2009
    X3 720 has only gotten cheaper too! Still gets a strong recommendation from me :)
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