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jaredjared College Station, TX
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Yesterday the peeps over at Blue Flavor decided to open their latest creation - 97bottles.com - to the public. :cool:

What is 97 Bottles? Well, it's a site that lets you review and discover tasty beerz. You really just have to check it out because frankly, I don't feel like writing a whole in depth paragraph describing it. Just trust me, it's like the new Twitter, web 3.0, and Delicious in one website. Yeah, that's it. Keebs... err, I mean Lincoln, said he would consider setting up a profile field for it as well.

Go check it out and see if it's you cup of tea. If so, add your profile link below so we can find you. I'm sure you guys will appreciate this site :D

Here's me http://97bottles.com/people/jaredatch/

EDIT, (to help with the scrolling) we have...

Me - http://97bottles.com/people/jaredatch/
Lincoln - http://97bottles.com/people/lincoln/
NiGHTS - http://97bottles.com/people/NiGHTS/
Annes - http://97bottles.com/people/annes/
BuddyJ - http://97bottles.com/people/BuddyJ/
Prime - http://97bottles.com/people/primesuspect/
TT - http://97bottles.com/people/geeklimit/
Fatcat - http://97bottles.com/people/fatcat/
Thrax - http://97bottles.com/people/Thrax/

CHEERS :jared:


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