A little help to bust a move?

FelixDeSouzeFelixDeSouze UK New
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Hey Guy's/Gals,

I need some help in toning up and would love to get some help from some of you fitness fanatics.. I can see that a lot of you are doing well and figured you could help me.

I'm no spring chicken when it comes to fitness and I can move the lbs as I do swim most days before work (although not lately as I've had to put my membership on hold and I'm getting 3 more hours of work done to my tattoo on the 1st and can't swim for approx 3 weeks after).. Anyway, I just need help to tone some area's up.

My main gripe is my moobs (although I get told I don't have any, but I clearly do) and also my gut which isn't as bad as it used to be but is still there.

I don't have any weights and can't really afford to buy any currently so I'm wondering if someone would so kind as to help me figure out a routine I can stick to up until I go swimming again and also afterwards which will tone my pecs and my gut up.. And also my arms while i'm there! ;)

Thanks in advance! :)
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