What 2500PPD?????????

_k_k P-Town, Texas Icrontian
edited April 2009 in Folding@Home
So last night we went out and bought my dad a new computer so all his work information isn't on a computer that is from the late 90s. Me being the sneaky person I am waited until he went to bed and loaded up a single core client onto the machine. When I checked the Fahmon ppd the next morning 2500PPD.....WHAT! This is on a gateway with a foxconn g31, q9300, 4gb of 6400. Thinking this is whack like crazy I loaded up two more clients all pulled the same ppd. Total with three single clients 7593.99 ppd, WHAT THE HECK! This is with the systray version in vista premium 64 and the latest Fahmon. If this is really true in the next few days you should see my folding stats shoot up like crazy.

Those three single core clients have the potential to preform the same as my main rig, smp and 2 gpu2 in xp64. Someone please tell me I have died and gone to folding heaven or something because this seems impossible.
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