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So...I know I've been sparse on details so far, and I apologize for that, but here's what's going on:

My job is eating my soul at the moment, so its hard for me to find the time/desire/urge to work on a web development task after. Yes, I know I piddle around with my twitter client. I consider it a nice escape from web development in general.

I have some VERY, VERY ROUGH CODE THAT GENERATES IMAGES. I wouldn't release this if someone gave me a large, inordinate sum of money. It's not professional. It sucks, it's not what it should be when looking at the quality product/presentation that is associated with Icrontic (this is a huge credit to Lincoln). This code only exists on my own local copy, because I don't even want to entertain the idea of someone seeing this horrid mess before it does something respectable.

That said, here are, in general, the features I intend this thing to include and the status of each:
  • Dynamic images (seems kinda silly to mention that huh?) -In progress, and not doing that bad
  • The ability to reference these across other pages and not just Icrontic. - It'll happen, but obviously isn't working at all yet
  • Customize the look/feel of your image -alignment of stats, which stats in general you'd like, color of text, etc. This is rough, real rough, like I'm not even sure it's working right at the moment.
  • Use your own custom background image (if you want) -I'll be honest, this isn't even in the project yet.

I'm ambitious, I know. I hope to get this done before the summer is out and have something legitimately awesome for this community to work with. I'm trying to pace myself and realize at this point that its moving extremely slow. I just ask for some patience from you guys for the next few weeks. At that point my life at work should slow down to me not wanting to punch kittens.

So I appreciate your patience and the encouragement most of you toss my way. I'll be sure to not let this get pushed too far back into the background at this point and I'll (hopefully, and don't let me stop doing this) keep you up to date in this thread regarding progress and taking suggestions (which will likely not be implemented in a "first pass" run of the code, but will certainly be considered in the future, outside of the above core functionality).

Again, I'm still here and working I promise.

FOLD ON! :fold::fold:


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    I'm more than happy to have idea bounced off me or whatever in gchat. I've done a lot of PHP image generation. :)
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