April milestones!

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Welcome to SCLisi, Halfbrit, rayrayisforever, and hypermoood, who all scored their first 1,000 points! :rockon:

rayrayisforever tucked away 5K! :cool2:
liam and Flibby each rocketed by 25K

zakalwe, 09, hbi1000, and CannonFodder all wrapped up the 50K toaster :crazy:

Icrontic14, Red787, and CannonFodder flew by 75K :rarr:

Congrats to Hannibal and SM31 on passing 100K :thumbup

Venz_Dirge scored 250K :)
kryyst slam-dunked 500K :D


Welcome to the club lemonlime and kristof2 who both crossed 1M! :vimp:

1.5M: SM21
3M: MJancaitis
4M: mas0n
8M: _-_ThaNexus_-_
10M: Scott_M
18M: Leonardo
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