Folding on Server 2008

_k_k P-Town, Texas Icrontian
edited August 2009 in Folding@Home
The computer that was my server for a while I switched back to xp64 when I set it up with GPU2. Now that I am amassing a good number of harddrives I was thinking about switching back over but I am concerned. Does 2008 require dummy VGA plugs to extend the desktop like Vista. I have done some quick searching and come up with nothing. If nothing else it will be a quick learning experience this weekend.


  • DanGDanG I AM CANADIAN Member
    edited July 2009
    I remember with XP I couldn't start it through RDP, I had to launch it from the actual computer.
  • _k_k P-Town, Texas Icrontian
    edited July 2009
    It ended up being the exact same as vista so I ditched on that because its headless.
  • makoa26makoa26 Las Vegas
    edited August 2009
    I use a hardware KVM (not the hotkey style) to enable my second card in Vista64. It doesn't matter if it's switched to that input or another, both of my cards are always enabled.
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