Sugar: The Bitter Truth

CBCB Ƹ̵̡Ӝ̵̨̄ƷDer Millionendorf- Icrontian
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An interesting lecture about fructose, its history, and its effects on nutrition, when you have the time to listen (there is not much reason to actually watch the video, as it's just a guy at a podium).


  • lordbeanlordbean Ontario, Canada
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    I listened to that and actually started freaking taking notes on my palm. This information is good shit - VERY enlightening in terms of what I should and should not have in my diet for long-term health.

    Edit - wow. Upon thinking about it, I'm starting to wonder if I'm even sensitive to fat at all. I may simply react normally to it. In retrospect, I think I might actually be sensitive to Fructose - the indicator that always made me think I was sensitive to fat was peanut butter... but, there's corn syrup in it as a binding agent.

    This would also explain why I can't eat maple syrup or corn syrup on pancakes without feeling sick. :hair:
    This article has definitely tied some inconsistencies in my diet together. Fruit never sits 100% right, either. Bananas make me feel sick. Apples sit, but not normally - they make me feel weird. As a kid, I also used to put a thin coating of table sugar on toast w/ peanut butter - it tastes amazing, but I now know this is VERY unhealthy - also, when I think about it, I can eat more peanut butter plain than with sugar.
  • ThraxThrax 🐌 Austin, TX Icrontian
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    Get natural peanut butter: Peanuts. Add light salt. Grind. Done.
  • lordbeanlordbean Ontario, Canada
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    The thought actually had already occured to me of looking into the natural peanut butter products. The pieces fit together much more nicely if we assume my stomach hates fructose than if we assume my stomach hates fat.
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    Hello guys,
    Thank you! You mention the most significant point. We need to let food manufacturers know that we won't buy their products until they use only natural sugars.
    Thanks again,
  • poofiepoofie Baltimore, MD Icrontian
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    someone remind me to watch this when i'm not at work. it looks to be really interesting!
  • DogSoldierDogSoldier The heart of radical Amish country..
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    This was fascinating.. Cleared up a lot of loose ends for me. I'm a recently diagnosed type 2 diabetic and it gave me a better understanding of the interplay between insulin and sugar. I've heard rumblings about fructose and metabolic syndrome on the internet and at the Hospital. It was still all just a jumbled mass of info and anecdote until this video laid it all out in a way I could understand. Thanks CB!
  • ZuntarZuntar North Carolina Icrontian
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    Whoowee, enlightening and explains a lot!!

    My nephew is a "fat" kid, 4 years old and he's heavier then my 8 year old. He just got crowns put on all his molars, and they wonder why!! Drinks juice constantly and does not like to brush his teeth.
  • RWBRWB Icrontian
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    When I eat Peanut Butter the best I've ever had was the natural kind that I find at Walmart(not their brand), dunno the name of it off hand. Something like Natural Way? But it uses flax seeds in it and it's just really damned good. The Flaxseed thing I have yet to see in any other peanut butter so if you happen to see it, give it a try for sure. Check the Nutrition label and ingredients, you might be pleasantly surprised.
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