Zuma gets his Revenge



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    The trick to Heroic Frog is practice. It takes a bit to get through it. It took me a week of 1-2 hours a night.

    And for the record, I hit a new high score of 1,043,460 in Adventure. I'll share a scoring chart on how to do this if you want. It's a "what should my score be at the end of each level" type thing and if you're hitting those numbers, you'll break a million easily.

    The trick is patience and retrying. A lot. :)

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    Hi there please help me im playing Zuma revenge deluxe wonderfull game imve reached level 60 in adventure mode my points are 781,732 and 2 lives but there is no end of dying maybe im stupid i finshed challenge mode also till level 60 and stops i must complete adventure mode but how?

    Please help me

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    Just hit 1,095,680 with 35 lives...

    Nicolene, are you on 60 or at the last boss? In the last boss, "blow out" the candles in the corners by shooting balls at them. That will open up the real final boss level(s).

    If it's level 60 (the spiral), well, make as many matches as you can, get every powerup you can and, if possible, use the powerups to get fruit to end the level quickly.
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    Dammit, you've got me by 90,000 points. I was just happy to clear 1 mil.
    To answer a lot of questions on how to beat Heroic or Iron Frog, the main key is chains (just shooting at 2 or more of the same color and NO singles). You will hit ZUMA a hell of a lot faster. Of course do anything you can for fruit.
    Kinda obvious I know and you have to be patient and switch to another color if necessary
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    I just completed Iron Frog all the way through for the 5th time. My best time is 24.47 and score 98840. How do your timr and totals compare?
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    This may be a strange question but I cannot find a way to go back and see all of my high scores. Where is it?
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    I am obviously no where near the expertise of you guys but I need help beating Mossy Square Level 25 in Adventure mode. I always get stuck/KILLED on that level. It is very infuriating. It gives me tons of practice going through the same 3-4ish levels over and over but HELP.
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    i beat the adventure mode , heroic mode and iron frog mode and my scores in challenge are 200+ in 95% of levels

    my best score is in iron 5 and it is 472K in my pc and on my cousin pc is 505K
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    7atem - sounds like you're going for the same thing I did after beating the game every way possible.
    Highest challenge is 501K on level 9, I'll have to try Iron 9.
    Broke 200K on all challenges - Iron 2 is brutal and took 171 attempts to break 200K
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    Hey 7atem,
    Level 50 challenge - 1,093,608 points.
    I tried to beat your iron 5 and only at 493K so far
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    cool, i will try to break challenge 50 score ASAP
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    cool, i will try to break your lvl 50 score soon
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    Love Zuma Revenge, my best Iron Frog is 15 min, & 116 K, what do other people get?
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    Iron Frog 24 mins 24 secs, 102,200, so you're ahead of me.
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    Hate this game. I tried level 10-20-30 times and then got bored and uninstall it. Too difficult to me. Thank god didn't pay for game.
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    ohhh my..i am stuck at iron frog level 6....sooo frustrating...i want to finish adventure mode soooooooooo bad!!! :(
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    Iron Frog 20:08 106,240 points and 8 victory attempts.
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    I love to play Iron Frog mode. By the way, I used to lose at Iron Frog Level 10. I almost to beat Iron Frog Gauntlet!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Aiyehhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    Level 70 Challenge - 328,476
  • Yeeha!!! I got new highest score in iron 10 of Challenge Mode 351,597 and Highest Multiplier Bonus x19 Yeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!
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    just me... or are all the links to pictures broken on this article?
  • I'll break 300K in iron 3 of Challenge Mode soon...
  • It's hard to break 300K in iron 3!!! Arghhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yeeha!!! Finally, I broke 300K in iron 3 of Challenge Mode by my new highest score 312,287. Yeehaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!!!!!
  • Guess What! I broke 200K in iron 9 of Challenge Mode by my new highest score 226,497 Yahooooooo!!!!!
  • Yeeha!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That's unbelieveable, I broke 300K in iron 6 by new highest score 317,998 Yeeha!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • Yeeha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I broke 400K in Level 50 (Shark Den) of Challenge mode by new highest score 413,227 Yeeha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' Boopin Detroit, MI Icrontian
  • I have just broke 200K in Iron 2 of Challenge mode by new highest score 225,664 from my 62 attempts. That's mean I broke 200K in all levels!!!
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