p90x yes/no?

jj Sterling Heights, MI Icrontian
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I have to say the p90x has really got my interest. Has anyone actually tried it. Looks like it's focus is diet and muscle confusion. Seems different from the other weight loss scams out there.

I'm really considering trying it. Anyone else want to as well. I'm willing to do a photo journal and updates over the 13 weeks. Could be interesting.


  • ThraxThrax 🐌 Austin, TX Icrontian
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    It's a good advanced beginner program.
  • jaredjared College Station, TX Icrontian
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    Yes, I have tried it and so have several of my friends.

    It works and imo it's worth it- great program.

    I only did 4 weeks of it, because shortly after is when I got mono. However, whenever I get my stamina back I'd like start again.

    You'd be surprise how hard it starts off. I was in decent shape when I started (was running 2-3 miles/day) and even then some of the workout routines I couldn't finish - I found the pushup one especially taxing.

    So yea, go for it. If you do it for 13 weeks and don't half ass it, you WILL see results.
  • jj Sterling Heights, MI Icrontian
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    Ok I decided, I'm doing it. I ordered the product. 30 day trial and if I don't like it, I don't pay for the rest. All I'm thinking is...I think I'm in trouble :-) But trying something to make you healthier is a good thing.

    So guess I will start a journal as soon as I get it. I'll do weekly embarrassing pictures and stats. I'm going to try and get my wife to do it too. I'm going to make myself accountable to you guys. This helped me a lot when I did my 2 week challenge.

    1) Set a side questions I have and just do the program. As many of you guys know I'm a little bitch sometimes and question a lot if I don't understand the reason behind things. Very stubborn which leads me in wrong directions which ends up with me being wrong most of the time. So for this I will shut up and do.

    2)School...I have school 3 days a week and 2 of those days are at night. Finding the motivation to do the workouts after 8 hours of work and 4 hours of school. This is where being stubborn will help. I'll just apply my thick head to staying focused.

    3)FOOD...For 2 weeks now I've been pretty good with my diet. I took out 90% of all fructose out of my diet. Haven't had 1 slice of pizza in over 3 weeks(which is rare for me) and started to bring my lunch to work instead of eating out everyday. However, I cave to craving and when I'm in class I just want a pop or something from the vending machine. This has got to stop.

    Wish me luck!
  • WinfreyWinfrey waddafuh Missouri Icrontian
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    Good luck Jeff! You can do it sir!
  • primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' Boopin Detroit, MI Icrontian
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    I think the fact that both you and Kati are going to do it together will help tremendously.
  • jj Sterling Heights, MI Icrontian
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    I think the fact that both you and Kati are going to do it together will help tremendously.

    and the thought of your relentless ridicule if I fail helps too...lol
  • primesuspectprimesuspect Beepin n' Boopin Detroit, MI Icrontian
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    I do what I can, for the cause.
  • pseudonympseudonym Michigan Icrontian
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    I have it, and I liked what little I have done with it. I just have not had the time to devote to it like I want to. My brother is doing it and a few of my friends are and all of them have had positive experiences and have lost weight. You just need to get in a routine and try and eat well while you are doing it. You don't have to be a maniac with the food side, just don't eat like a fatass.

    Make no mistake, it will kick your ass, but its the good kind of ass kicking, kinda like when Kati puts on the leather an......

    Anyways, send me her pics.
  • ButtersButters CA Icrontian
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    P90X is a good change from the normal workout. Its definitely worth doing.

    Tony Horton can get annoying at times. I think I still have all of his quirky introductions memorized and its been 6 months since I've finished it.

    Ab Ribber 339 gets easy after the 3rd or 4th time, I had to switch it up with another work out.

    Yoga is all mental, but a great workout if completed.

    Stick to a nutrition plan. My diet wasn't the greatest so I didn't lose as much fat as I could have. I did get boost in strength and increased my max.

    Like anything else, you get out of it as much as you put it. You can make it "Beginner" workout or as "Advanced" and challenging as you want it to be.

    Challenges???? Why start making excuses. You either can do it or not. The infomercial misinforms you about the length of workouts. You need at least an 1.5 hours day for 5 days. Typical weight work out is a little<60 min and then Ab Ripper and whatever setup/cleanup time.
  • NomadNomad A Small Piece of Hell Icrontian
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    Thrax wrote:
    It's a good beginner beginner program.

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