Acer Netbook Internet Gateway Doesnt Connect

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Im working on a Acer Aspire One Netbook for one of my friends. This thing called the Internet Gateway keeps showing up on here and it wont connect. Well the WiFi adapter itself and the Ethernet port both say they connect, but the Internet Gateway always says connecting I cant surf the web or do anything with the internet. How do I get rid of this Internet Gateway? Isn't it supposed to be only if you are sharing a connection from that computer that that shows up?

If you need any more information I'll be glad to give it.
Thanks for all your thoughts and ideas


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    First of all, what router are you attaching this to via Wi-Fi or Ethernet?

    The "internet gateway" is a uPNP styled traffic discovery protocol. It's enabled in your routing device and not from the netbook. It shouldn't conflict with your netbook.

    The questions I have are these...

    1. Explain "can't connect". Does that mean maintain a solid Wi-Fi or Ethernet connection?
    2. Are you getting a dynamically assigned IP address from the routing device?
    3. Have you tried ping, trace routes to any known internet address?
    4. Can you resolve internet DNS names for websites/hosts?

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    Im attached to a Trendnet wireless router via WiFi. The Internet Gateway doesnt show up on any of the other computers connected to this network. Sometimes it wont even connect to the router and at other times it will connect but it won't browse any websites or be able to use any programs like Win Live Messenger.

    Ya I am getting a dynamically assigned IP

    Ive tried pinging it from my router configurator

    No I cant resolve internet DNS names for websites
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