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kazzmannkazzmann frankston vic australia
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hi there i would like some help if you can when i play dvds is asks for a decoder. i can play all games and cds and burnt movies but not dvds can some one help pls thank you................:confused2:respect:


  • ThraxThrax 🐌 Austin, TX Icrontian
    edited December 2009
    Download a program called VLC or Media Player Classic. Both are free, and both will play DVDs, and both are better than Windows Media Player.
  • ardichokeardichoke Icrontian
    edited December 2009
    If Windows Media Player is doing the codec thing, MPC will too as they both render video the same way. I have this same problem. VLC is the only software that will play DVDs properly for me.
  • kryystkryyst Ontario, Canada
    edited December 2009
    Get the Combined Community Codec Pack That should solve your problems and allow you to play DVD's in media player.
  • djshowdowndjshowdown London
    edited December 2009
    Yeah I'm sure kryyst's one will work fine but if it doesn't, try ffdshow

    I have never heard a single complaint when I have referred someone to it.
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