Leonardo, you want him as a neighbor

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I bought a PSU from Leo that we both agreed had some great tech reviews but the owner reviews showed the units had a high failure rate. He said that if I really wanted the item he would ship it and let me use it for a week and I could worry about payment after that time period. He said I could do this if the unit failed or even if I decided I did not want to keep it. Needless to say I ended up shipping the unit back to Leo for him to RMA,the only thing I payed for was shipping back to Alaska.

Leo is a person, a MAN, that treated me and the deal with the up most respect and integrity. For me there will never be any question about anything dealing with Leo personal or business, I would trust him with my children.....or at least mas0n's kids if I am baby sitting them.

Leonardo you are an awesome trader and man, I hope to meet you one day.:thumbup


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    Leonardo, you want him as a neighbor
    Yes, it would be a perfect deal if he didn't have such a steep driveway and such big bears for neighbors. He is a first rate person to deal with on trades as well as visit with. An added bonus is that his wife cooks reaaaall good!
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    I recently purchased 2 2x2GB G.Skill RAM kits from Leonardo. He was very prompt in shipping my purchase out to me ASAP - I received the order approximately 3 or 4 days after I had given him my payment.

    On to the purchase itself - not a single flaw! The memory was packaged in a very "safe" manner, and after setting up the proper timings and clock speed, and running numerous memtests, I could not find a single fault with the 4 memory modules that he sold me.

    Leonardo is a fantastic trader - if the opportunity ever arises again, I would not hesitate to trade with him.

    (Sorry about necrobumping, I just figured it would be better to reply in an existing thread than create a new one. Also, sorry it took so long to get feedback out - I've been way too bust with Deus Ex: HR this week! :D )
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    I bought a mobo from that guy. Good deal!

    Also, k, it is spelled utmost
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    I also purchased 2 x 2gb of DDR ram from Leonardo. Third time buying from him. Awesome experience. Could not recommend him higher.
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