Antivirus Plus; Worm.Win32.Netsky;computer locked

Hi, i have windows xp and i have the Antivirus Plus and Worm.win32.netsky viruses (possibly more.) i couldnt access the internet while in normal startup mode b/c the worm wold spam email and cuase my internet to crash. So i opened the computer in safe mode and downloaded SpyBot search & destroy. I ran Spybot and it detected many trojans and various spy/malware and so i hit the delete infected files button. It cleared almost everything except for one; which it then said if i would allow S&D to restart my computer and then it could delete the remaining infection. so i did. when the restart came up, it opened it in normal settings and then the desktop wouldn't appear (just the background picture-no icons, toolbar, start menu) so then i turned it off and started it up in safe mode where it took me to the log in screen. two appeared- owner and adminstrator- i was locked out. when i clicked either it would have small print underneath- logging in..settings blahblhablah. i dont even know if i deleted any viruses. help please.
-Antivirus Plus
-Locked out of computer

-if need more info, ask and i will divulge into further detail. thank you so much.
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