My thoughts so far on the beta of Bad Company 2

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If any of you haven't played the game yet, it is awesome. I've always been a fan of shooters and games that involve teamwork. TF2 is evidence of that. I never got in to Call of Duty: Modern Warfare or the original Bad Company because I still can't fathom playing an FPS on a console. Didn't play CoD:MW2 due to lack of dedicated servers and the rampant hacking because of it didn't help. I also never played Battlefield 2412 because I didn't have the money but I somehow knew what type of game I was getting in to when I first opened Bad Company 2.

I've always been a fan of the original Battlefield 1942 and its mod Desert Combat. I played every day non-stop. I played Battlefield: Vietnam and I also loved Battlefield 2. Sometime after that TF2 came along and it all became a blur.

I didn't pay much attention to any news about Bad Company 2. I thought it was going to be another console shooter and I was like "meh". I come across one of the threads here and I see Sledgehammer has a key for the beta and I ask him for one.

First time I enter a server I'm on the attacking side and I'm greeted with anti-aircraft fire going off right next to me. At the same time you can see the whole first part of the map and it is beautiful. I think the game is on medium and the foliage looks wonderful. First thing that comes to my mind is BF: Vietnam because it also had foliage but you couldn't really hide amongst it since the enemy could see you from the other side. Not here. Sometimes the only way the other team finds you is if they're running over you. I instantly feel in love.

One of the things I love so far is how almost everything is destroyable. You could be behind a wall defending an objective and in comes a tank shell and the whole wall is gone. From that point you have to look for another spot and rethink your strategy. You could be a sniper hiding among trees and when you respawn half the forest is gone, or better yet on the third floor of a house when the whole thing comes crashing down because another sniper from across the map called for mortar shells on your location.

All of the above can happen when there's teamwork involved but in its current state, there isn't any. DiCE did give some incentive for teamwork like more points when you work as a team. You get more points when you heal or revive a squad member or when you repair a squad member's vehicle but other than that, there isn't much. There's no point in being a team since everyone goes their own way, snipers doing their own things and people sitting in their vehicles shooting from a far. Nobody uses them for their other use which is transport. Only reason right now to be in a squad is if you want to spawn next to a squad member and closer to the action. Not sure if it's enabled but in the time I've played I have yet to hear a single person use voice comms. I swear TF2 spoiled me.

I know it's a beta but there's a few things I'd like DiCE to implement that would give an incentive to be in a squad and work as one. Things like giving more points for actually doing things as a squad. Take down and objective together, jump in to a helo full of squad members, or be a sniper and support your squad from afar. Unlocks are based on points so I'm sure people would hop on the idea. Up until now, most of the rounds my team has lost as been because lack of any team play.

Like I said, it's a beta and I'm really looking forward to what DiCE comes up with in future updates.


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    Teamwork was the problem in BC1, too. Really, though, any FPS game suffers from everyone wanting to join in and boost their own K:D ratio, rather than take one for the team and actually use the classes in the way they were meant to be played.

    Easiest way around it would be to find a server with more cooperative action on it, or a group of players known for using teamwork. The Art of Warfare ( might be a good community to start with.
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    Bought it yesterday, downloaded tonigth, tried to play today. Cannot create an account :( says "no contact with server. Please try again later" when trying to create an account from there..
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