Operation GetMyButtInShape

DuniganDunigan Norfolk, VA Icrontian
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As you can see there are many "Operations" in my life at the moment. This one, however, is the biggest. Many of you know that I work in Television News. This was not my intention upon graduating from college, but I have fallen in love with it. Now I want to pursue an even bigger adventure in the world of News.

Before I moved to South Bend I had few options on my plate as to where I would go with my life. One of which has been an option in my mind since my freshman year of High School. I have long since been in awe of those who serve our country in the military. I actually wanted to apply to the Coast Guard Academy, but could not meet the academic standards. Once I graduated from college desire came back to me...I took the ASVAB and did quite well on it...but I got the offer in South Bend, and decided to follow that path instead.

Now, here I am 18 months into the News business and I'm looking for my next big adventure. I want to stay in News...but I want to cover big stories...so once again I am faced with the decision of the military. The US Navy has one of the greatest News organizations around...plus working for them I could pay off the massive amounts of Student Loans I have incurred. Most importantly though...I would be fulfilling a life-long dream by serving my country.

So there it is...this is why it is time to get back in shape. For those of you who have served, or are serving in the military, please, any suggestions or comments we be appreciated.
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