Best bang for the buck folding video card purchase?

TimTim Southwest PA Icrontian
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I have a chance to pick up another PC cheap, and it has a PCI-Express slot, so I was thinking of buying a video card purely for folding purposes to throw in it, plus run a CPU client as well.

What video card will give me the most PPD for the least cost? 8800 GT?

I'm certain it'd be an Nvidia card, but I've always been an ATI person. But in this case I'll go Nvidia.

If the 8800 GT is a good choice, Newegg has the G92 core for $69.99 + shipping. :

What do you think? Is this a good cheap choice or is there something better? Anyone got a good video card they want to sell for less $?

And why aren't my folding stats showing up in the signature area below? I thought I set it up right.


  • _k_k P-Town, Texas Icrontian
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    If you can get it at that price, I can't really find anything better from a retailer.

    Oh ya the SM or IC folding sigs stopped working a long time ago, Extreme Overclocker's folding sig is what I use.
  • TimTim Southwest PA Icrontian
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    I've been looking on eBay at 8800 video cards, and in almost every case they are MORE expensive than at newegg! What is it with the 8800's? Are they in demand for being good but cheap folding video cards or something? It's cheaper to buy them new!
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