PPD increase w/ core v2.17

csimoncsimon Acadiana Icrontian
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I read that there was some increase in speed yesterday with the newer SMP2 GRO-A3 core (FahCore_a3.exe) version 2.17. Upon completion of my previous wu I deleted the v2.15 core and allowed a new core to download.
This morning when I checked my PPD after the machine had been running through the night with no interuption ...I noticed that my average 1282 PPD had gone up to around 1375 PPD. To me that's a huge increase and not any noticable increase in temps.
But also I saw that there may be issues with this new core when running the GPU2 client.:fold:


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    Any updates on this csimon
  • csimoncsimon Acadiana Icrontian
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    My personal update is that the 2.17 replaced itself automatically at work. However, when I got there I noticed that there were two instances of the client running ...odd. The server was fubar also and was forced to reboot and I lost everything. Both clients were around 97% complete. I was sick but I'm back on the horse. But it showed in my stats.

    Now ...the thread that I got my initial info came from here:

    New 2.17 Core Faster Than 2.15?
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