Siv breaks 1 million

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Siv sifted through all the junk to make it to 1 million.


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    _k_ wrote:
    Siv sifted through all the junk to make it to 1 million.

    Most of my WUs are generated using spare resources on VMWare ESXi hardware nodes in a test lab. I have 50 cores folding. The folding clients are not running at 100% efficiency because of virtualization overhead and contention with other guest OSes. I have to give priority to the guest OSes tests are running on, so all the folding clients are running in a low-priority resource pool in ESXi. I'm using ISOs from notfred's awesome ISO generator ( to run folding clients diskless.

    That's what's possible with spare resources, sparse free time, and a lot of hardware.

    I really appreciate folks like Leonardo who dedicate whole farms to folding, and to the folks who spend a lot of time researching ways to push as many work units as possible on desktop hardware. You guys make Team Icrontic awesome. Thank you!
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