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This may end up long, you don't have to read the intro it's just extra crap I feel compelled to include.

I gotta loose this job and get myself back into reality.... life just sucks and I can't go anywhere I want to like this. So I gotta loose the weight, get in shape and join the Air Force for, hopefully, Space Command work doing cool stuff like orbital trajectory or something.

Over the years I've learned so much about how to diet, but applying them has been hard so I've just been "practicing" various foods over and over which has helped me loose the hatred I've always had for veggies for example. I got too used to the fast food style Triple Meat, Triple Cheese, and nothing else but ketchup and mustard habit that normal, REAL FOODS lost their appeal. I did weight in at 360 at one point and I've managed to hold myself at 280 for a while now, maybe a year? Got down to 260 a few times but that was dieting I didn't like.

Two of my biggest problems happen to cancel each other out in a way but at the same time kept me from dieting the way I needed. Basically, Cost and Willpower. It costs a lot to buy a Triple Meat Combo meal... but it also costs a lot to buy the healthier meals I could utilize with my fracked up job. Time has also been a problem, I could make several meals in advance but that took ALOT of time I just didn't always have and usually left me with a huge amount of some super healthy soup that would take days to finish but eating the same thing over and over GETS OLD and quick so back to the fast food I'd go. Oddly, I don't seem to have the problems of eating something over and over if it's fast food... wtf.

This could go on... so I'll continue with this. It's been a couple months since I ate anything in excess like a Triple Meat. And it's been 2 weeks since I had fast food at all, I won't count the BBQ place I went to Fast Food as it involved everyone I was with at work and we only had the one truck. Plus it was damned good BBQ!

This weekend I came up with something I'd like to try, weekly advances in Goals. I've done enough to this point that I feel very confident that my first goal will be very easily achievable. I will go one week as a Vegetarian. I'm already down 2 days and feel perfectly fine. Best of all, it's been CHEAP and QUICK. I found some Steamer Bag meals, and each costs about a buck. I just mix and match them, $3 for a whole day in food. It's been a perfect food for me on the job! And not much need in heating them up after I already cooked them so I stash it away in my small cooler and munch on it throughout the day.

I've also been taking certain pill supplements... Chlorella, Spirulina, Ceyenne Pepper, glucosamine chondroitin. I've also been enjoying easier sleep with some Melatonin. I also bring a big jug of water around with me with some minty flavored Chlorophyll. It adds a nice hint of flavor to my water which I've not much taste for but also add's that extra bit of healthy to something already healthy. Yeah, things are very green for me lol.

I'll stop the writing and get to the point:

Week 1: Eat Vegetarian for just one week and quit the Soda's and sugary drinks. This should help prepare for a better week two.

Week 2: Juice fast for 3 days, includes Green Smoothies and my supplements already mentioned. Back to Vegetarian diet but including more variety of Vegetables, grains, and nuts, maybe some beans.

Week 3: Begin minor workouts, short bike rides(all I got time for anyways) and lots of stretching through the day. Try to include even more variety of vegetables, nuts and grains if haven't already.

Week 4: Include more biking on the weekend. Increase workout levels. By now a well rounded vegetarian diet should be well developed. Though this isn't permanent I feel this kind of diet is best for my body and what I want from it.

Week 5: Hopefully by now I feel more confident to begin jogging. I just don't know where I'll find the time.

I can't really predict how things will go past week 5, nor how much running I'll be able to do. But that's what everything builds up to is I gotta run and I just don't have it in me right now with everything going on. My job keeps me well active enough but I don't do any running. So after week 4 I'll have to begin to change up my weekly goals to fit what I think I can do. It'll be a few months before I can join the Air Force if they'll let me.


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    Gradual change is the best, so your plan is solid.

    Best of luck, RWB!
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    I'm glad for this spammer, time for all your boys to update!
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