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TushonTushon I'm scared, CoachAlexandria, VA Icrontian
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So I started C25K yesterday after not having exercised or worked out regularly for over 3 years. Sure, there was the sporadic Ultimate Frisbee game (I was in awesome aerobic shape 05-06 ... playing Frisbee 3-5 times a week for 2+ hours) and the occasional gym visit, but nothing substantial or long-lasting. A friend of mine suggested C25K and she has already completed it while I languished waiting for a doctor's appointment and generally making excuses. I don't "look" very overweight but I weigh at least 30 pounds more than I did at the end of high school and that is definitely not muscle. At my physical, I weighed 197 (I weighed about 165 near the end of senior year of HS). I got through the first day of C25K without much soreness later and following the run/walk instructions explicitly. I estimated I ran/walked about a little over a mile though it is more time-related than distance. I'll start timing it later in the program. I'm going to looking at using the "Belly Off" nutrition plan from MensHealth and maybe use their workout program for guidance on the "other" days (C25K is a 3/day a week program, for those who don't know). I'm also going to look at the BB forums link Thrax posted in someone else's thread. I'll take some before pics later today just so I have something to compare.

http://www.menshealth.com/bellyoff/ (specifically the eating plan)
http://www.c25k.com/ (especially the pod cast running guides)

If anyone has advice or whatever, it is solicited! ;D


  • CrazyJoeCrazyJoe Winter Springs, FL Icrontian
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    Good luck!! I'm about go do the last day of week 4. I thought when I started it that I'd never be able to do it as I've never run much before but after almost half way through I can now do the week 4 plan with no trouble at all. Next week will be really interesting. Keep it up!!
  • CrazyJoeCrazyJoe Winter Springs, FL Icrontian
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    So natravis how's it going so far?
  • TushonTushon I'm scared, Coach Alexandria, VA Icrontian
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    I missed a couple days so i restarted week one. Starting week two this week. Legs are tired when I'm done but not exhausted or anything.
  • CrazyJoeCrazyJoe Winter Springs, FL Icrontian
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    Well keep it up! I just finished Week 5 and I am surprised that I was able to run for 20 minutes without stopping. At the beginning I was lucky to get through the 90 seconds. It really does work.
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