Please Help - Windows XP doesn't load

Hi everyone,

I'm not sure if this is a virus problem, but my Windows XP Professional wouldn't load and I'm not able to provide the Hijack this log.

When I start my computer, everything loads smoothly until after the Windows XP loading bar completes, then I get a black screen with only my mouse pointer. I've tried loading through Safe Mode and last known configuration and I get the same result.

The problem started when I closed IE with the task manager when my IE stopped responding. IE closed but my computer was still lagging, so I wanted to log out. As it logged out, it gave me a black screen with a mouse pointer and the log-in screen never came out. Since then, I've been getting the same screen when I try to load Windows.

These are the things I've tried but failed:
1. Safe Mode
2. Last known good configuration

Help would be much appreciated. Thanks!



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    Thanks for your suggestion. I had decided to back up everything and reformat it, so I didn't get a chance to try out your suggestion.

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