Pyro is getting another tweak

BuddyJBuddyJ Dept. of PropagandaOKC Icrontian
edited June 2010 in Team Fortress 2

The TF2 blog says Pyros are getting more tweakage today. Curious.


  • mertesnmertesn I am Bobby Miller Yukon, OK Icrontian
    edited May 2010
    Now if they'd just quit releasing updates on Wednesdays so TF2 night doesn't get screwed up by overloaded Steam servers.
  • KoreishKoreish I'm a penguin, deal with it. KCMO Icrontian
    edited May 2010
    I like the skins for the melee weapons.
  • EsperEsper Derris Kharlan
    edited June 2010
    Hopefully those changes wont nurf them again =(
  • edited June 2010
    The Pyro needs some love!
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